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NFTs are digital assets that allow artist to take full control of their art, while at the same time providing fans with tokens whose proof of purchase is stored permanently on the blockchain. 

What are tokens ? 
Tokens can be whatever the artist decides to include with the sale of that piece of art. A lot of NFTs are digital collectibles, others offer exclusive downloads or future rewards once a certain amount has been sold etc. 

Why should I buy JAde Wii NFTs ?
As you might know, I make videos about synthesizers and music production on YouTube, but my true passion has always been creating music and art. By investing in my NFTs not only are you supporting me as an artist but we're riding this rocket to the moon together. By that I mean, I will do everything in my power to make sure my projects succeed and catch the eyes of outside investors, providing you with something of value.

How do NFTs make fans money ?
The cool thing about NFTs is that they're kind of like Pokemon cards. Your deck is worth a lot more if you have a few rares in there.
Opensea.io, which is the platform I use to sell my NFTs has a similar collections system. The more owners a collection has, the higher the volume, the higher floor price. When a collection gains popularity, this catches the eyes of NFT collectors and crypto investors, this is why you see certain NFTs going for hundreds of thousands of dollars even though they originally sold from much much less. his is because NFTs are normally 1/1 the owners decide what this item is worth.