Why Teenage Engineering is Winning Right Now.

Updated: May 14, 2019

Just in case you didn’t know the Op-1 has been out for almost 10 years and it’s still one of the hottest most sought after synthesizers in the market. If you think about it, it doesn’t have any real, there’s no other product out there that packs so much power into such small device or that has that keyboard format workflow which makes the OP-1 so special. 

Nick Batt from Sonic state interviewed the makers of teenage engineering a couple days ago, and they had a few things to say about their philosophy, the main thing was that they didn’t feel like they needed to update their products every year, unlike other companies. they know they have something special, and besides a few software updates there hasn’t been any real physical updates done to the OP-1 since it’s release. 

So why did they raise the price so much? They didn’t really give any explanation about the price jump, but I’m guessing it has to do with one of two things. A) its costing them more to produce the OP-1 because they’re paying more for parts. Or B) they realized that people are willing to pay a lot more for an OP-1 and saw an opportunity to bring in more revenue. 

So do I think people are going to stop buying the OP-1 because of the price increase? I don’t think so, people were willing to pay that much on ebay and reverb, so I don’t see this being an issue. I mean, yes it sucks if you were trying to buy an OP-1, but Teenage Engineering is literally made up of 40 people, it’s a very small company and they need to do what they need to do to stay afloat. Another thing that the OP-1 has going for itself is that it has a very strong place in the LO-FI community. We love the tape, the workflow, everything about it, and I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon. 

TE is such an innovative company, I just got the OP-Z a few weeks ago and I’m still blown away by it. Another thing they have going for them is that they have a product for every price range, from the $50 pocket operators to the now $1300 OP-1.

The main thing I love about their devices is that they’re all in one, I can literally write a whole album on just this. I can confidently say TE is my favorite company right now.

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