Why Go Dawless?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Dawless isn't a religion, or a fad. As a musician I wanted to take my composing to the next level and create songs. Just like many others I started off with software. After working in front of a computer all day and taking online classes the last thing I wanted to do was open up my DAW and stare at a blank screen until inspiration happened.

A few years ago I created the Facebook group "Dawless Jammin" and to my surprise I wasn't the only one that felt this way. Going Dawless means you no longer have to depend on the computer for sound creation, but it doesn't mean you cant use it as a tool.

Having a physical instrument that you can connect with inspires in a way that a mouse doesn't. The computer has a lot to offer, and were not anti DAWs (Although some might kill you if you mention Ableton). Most of us still use the DAW as a recording tool, although some hardcore Dawless Jammer's choose to record into old tape recorders. Whatever your method is, it doesn't matter how, as long as you're making music.

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Dawless Jammin'


Dawless Jammin'

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