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My name is JAde and I like synthesizers.

Throughout my life I've found there's no more fulfilling way to express myself than through music and art. Sometimes learning a new instrument or a different way of doing things can be intimidating, but I'm here to tell you that we we've all been beginners at some point, and we never really stop learning.

Besides making music, my passion is teaching. I enjoy taking the things I've learned and showing them in an easy to understand way that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced musicians.

If you want to learn about synthesizers, sampling, eurorack, and all things music production, check out my YouTube Channel JAde Wii. If you like my music and would like to follow me as an artist, check out my official artist channel Dawless Jammin'.  Don't forget to browse through my sample packs and pick up some Dawless Swag.

Stay fly.

Dawless Jammin'


Dawless Jammin'

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